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Managing Committee

The KANS Managing Committee for 2018-2020 was elected in the Annual General Meeting held on 28th April 2018 at Aiyur. The members of the Managing Committee are:

Laxmeesha Acharya, President
laxmeesha at gmail dot com | +91-9916690036

Sanjeev Kumar S R, Vice President
sanjeevkumarsr at gmail dot com | +91-9362321000

George Tom, Secretary
georgetom080 at gmail dot com | +91-9449009310

Dr. Chandan Haldar, Treasurer
chandan at haldar dot org | +91-8553716640

Arvind Adhi, Director: Projects
arvind77 at gmail dot com | +91-9842727649

Girish Gopalarao, Director: Publicity and Awareness
girish.gopalarao at gmail dot com | +91-9663396422

A. Prem Kumar, Committee Member
a.premkumar at gmail dot com | +91-9047935810

Naveen Kumar, Committee Member
naveen.kumarg87 at gmail dot com | +91-9632775200

Prasanna Vynatheya, Committee Member
prasanna.kv at gmail dot com | +91-9845580227

Soundaryavalli Madhugiri (Valli), Committee Member
soundaryavalli.madhugiri at gmail dot com | +91-9845402299

Vivek Garady, Committee Member
vivek.garady at gmail dot com | +91-9483430371